Teams around the globe taking their visitor experience to the next level.

Have you been trying to keep track of your visitors without much success? Do you want to offer a better service to your visitors but don't have sufficient information to do so? Or maybe, you are looking for an avenue to gather feedback from your visitors?

Are you looking for a way to seamlessly track your employees' attendance for HR purposes? Are you looking for meaningful data that can reveal trends and other information to help you make informed business decisions?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then look no further because VisitorPlus is just for you.

VisitorPlus is the leader in visitor management, registrations, check-ins, employee attendance tracking, memberships, events registration & check-in, service satisfaction surveys. VisitorPlus does all these by bringing security, sophistication and customer happiness to your lobby.

What can I do with VisitorPlus?

- Easy visitor pre-registration
- Easy visitor registration.
- Easy visitor check in/out
- Easy employee check in/out
- Easy employee door access (lock/unlock)
- Event registration/check in
- Enhanced security watch lists
- Emergency evacuation list
- In depth data analysis
- On the fly reporting on data

Who is VisitorPlus for?

- Corporate offices
- Building Management
- Law Firms
- Schools
- Clinics
- Beauty and wellness centres
- Religious organizations
- Event Managers

Why VisitorPlus?

- It is easy to use
- It is fast
- It is secure
- It is reliable
- It integrates easily
- It gives actionable insights
- 247 access to your data
- It allows multiple location
- It is has continuous backup


Simple & Secure

At VisitorPlus, we take your security and privacy extremely serious.

Encryption: VisitorPlus' proprietary encryption algorithm secures transaction between each terminal and our servers. It also ensures that no visitor or employee information is exposed to any prying eye or device. We go beyond industry standards to keep your data secure.

Unlimited Storage: With VisitorPlus, data is never lost or deleted, until you decide to do so, as we provide you with unlimited storage capacity.

Highly Customizable: Choose and upload a wallpaper or a playlist to your sign in terminal.
Customize the information collected at sign-in with the easy to use terminal form designer.

Go beyond Visitor Management and gain actionable insights through our comprehensive data analytic tools.

Real-time Analytics: VisitorPlus delivers actionable insights and guided analytics that can help you discover, interpret & understand trends that can impact long-term relationships with your clients.

Historical Analytics: Historical visitor and employee data allows you to have a complete overview of your business and actionable insights.

Accelerate time-intensive data collection tasks.

Efficient: No more time wasting - VisitorPlus saves you time which would have been wasted on flipping through pages of paper guest-books during data retrieval.

Comprehensive Reporting: Imagine being able to pull up records from years back in less than 45 seconds. Yes that’s right, 45 seconds! You can easily query VisitorPlus with numerous filter criteria and get instant results.

and more...

No more reporting lags

Immediately a visitor signs in, the dashboard is instantly updated giving you real time access to information on who’s on site

Never miss a visitor

Stepped out of office? Get alerts on your phone with a photo of your guest and easily recognize them by what they are wearing


Be guided by analytics - VisitorPlus tracks visitor trends and help you understand your customers’ desires even more


We take security very serious. All data captured are encrypted, transported through a secured tunnel and stored in the cloud

Offline mode

No way your data is lost in the event you are offline, VisitorPlus stores your information on your iPad till you get back online

Browse by calendar

Search by dates to see which visitors were present on a given day                                                                       

Smart and dynamic NDAs

After a visitor types in their information, VisitorPlus can pre-fill agreements with their name and more.

Dashboard is mobile compatible

All our pages are optimized, including the dashboard, to look beautiful on iOS and Android devices

Employee directory

Easily browse and search through all your employee on the web dashboard.                                                                       

Evacuation ready

In case of emergency, VisitorPlus accounts for who is still present in your premises

QR & Barcode (1D & 2D) Employee Check-in

VisitorPlus allows your employee to check-in and check-out using their state ID/IC or driver's license.

Multiple locations

VisitorPlus supports an unlimited number of offices which can be centrally browsed and managed

Different access of levels

Different levels of access is available to employees based on positions and company’s policy

Self check-out

Visitors can sign themselves out by searching for their phone number on the iPad

Active Directory support

VisitorPlus can easily import the employee list from existing directories


Welcome screen supports banners uploads which is a great ways of promoting your brands

Required fields

Requires a first and last name and any other important details from your visitors

Phone numbers

VisitorPlus remembers regular visitors by phone numbers and saves them time during subsequent visits

Export as CSV

Import your data into Excel to generate graphs, reports and analytics

Export as PDF

Import your data into PDF to generate graphs, reports and analytics

Sign with your finger

Your fingers signs the agreements on the iPad screen

Express pre-registered sign in

Pre-registered guests enjoys faster check-in as VisitorPlus automatically checks them in.

Instant SMS notification

Employee will receive an instant sms notification when their visitors are on your premises.

Instant email notification

Employee will receive an instant email notification including the photo of the visitor when the visitor is on your premises